Wildlife isn’t just something one say…Oct 13th

Hi everybody! Over a month since I saw a computer least. Life is happening and thats the only excuse I have for that long time. But should you excuse yourself for living and having fun? Of course not, I will not ever pardon for living my dream!

Although the reason for sitting here right now is my right index finger. A bite of somekind turned into something out of this world and I needed to see a doctor and stay dry for a week. The infection lookd really bad for a while and people sppoked me by worrying about me losing the finger.
So I did what every man would do! I cried in my bed for a while:) HAhaha…But Im getting better and will return to base in a couple of days!

Well now back to where we since left off. I finished my divemaster in style and  went to Pezmaya to meet the staffcrew again! A nice reunion and my roomie for a while is Vicki, the basemanager! We have really nice talks before bedtime and I like her style! One funny thing is all the big crabs that sneaks into our hut. They hide, die and smells really bad!  Uhhh..

Before the volunteers arrived we needed to do some real work around the base. I grab a machete and cut down some trees and bushes which which resulted in painful scorpion sting. I stepped on him and he judging from the sting he didnt like it!  I experienced a strange feelin in my body throughout the day with a numb tounge and in the back off my whole body, REALLY EXCITING! haha…

We kept on making the base tiptop until the volunteers arrived. A really cool group with people from sweden, england, south afrika,australia,  USA, Poland and mexico. I really like them so far and they are quicklearners! My coralcrew is awsome and I try to keep up with the speed of their learning abbility! Some rainy days in the beginning of the phase kept us out of diving but the more of volleyboll, free showers and playing with inflatable toys in the watery floor!

Last saturday was the first partynight and we all got down big time! A belly dance dance off between My Scholar companion Frank and Jeran from USA was the highlight! We have it on film and I will upload it when I can.

Besides that, we also play a game on base called cluedo. Its all about beeing the last man standing and kill everybody else. In the start everyone gets three notes with a persons name, killing weapon and a place. For exampla Frank with a kidsbook in the kitchen. You sneak up to the person when they are alone with the weapon and “kill” them. U dont know who is dead and not neither who is about to kill you! This game can take days even weeks, Its still running today and I estimate 3 or 4 people still left. EXCITING!

But lets talk about some nature experiences, one night we saw a turtle hetching just beside our outdoor gym. around 20 baby turtles struggled in the sand to get to the sea! It was really cool to see and a small kidsdream came true. We do map turtle nests as a projekt on base. This nest that hatched we dig up and count how many eggs hatched, how many dead embryos and how many eggs killed by bacteria. This particular nest hade a success rate of over 80 percent off hatched eggs which is amazing!

With some help from our birdexpert Sonja, we also continue our birdproject. My library of known birds has grown with 800%, haha..So interesting!

Some lucky divers also had a cool meeting with some curious dolphins, we do see them from the boat from time to time but diving with them? thats awsome! So jellous! A couple of snakes has also been spotted along with 2 sharks so far.

Since we are a couple of swedish guys here now, we try to spread the knowledge of our beautiful language! Words like dumskalle, stekspade, fagel, haj has been flying around heard in different accents. Frank can even say: Du behover klippa dig (you need a haircut). Good Boy!

And now I can drive the boats which is superfun! Brooom Broomm! With that people call me captain. Ohh yes! Other than that Im also responsible for the kithchen including making shopping lists for food. Me and Frank are responsible for the Bar and candy box, we clean the roof, we pack the captains box in the morning with radios, gps, cords etc etc. I teach coral and |Frank teach fish so after the dinner we talk to our divers about the dives off the day, like a briefing.

But so far I really enjoy the staff position on base! Its demanding but really satisfying, you make mistakes sometimes but the important is to learn from  them. Vicki my roommate are leaving soon and the next basemanager Rhu will come back from some vacation. Too bad, I will miss Vix! Although Rhu is awsomly cool!

All of you back home, miss you and hope you have a great october! Autumn is a beutiful time so take your time to appreciate mother nature. I will do my best not going more crazy than normal with not diving for a while.

Sven out for a little while



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