Wildlife Rocks!

June 28th

Wisdom (Mosquitos Paradise), Montana

Last time I gave you guys a pacifier with Y-E-L-L-O-W-S-T-O-N-E printed on it to suck on. Did it go well? Hope so because I want to jump straight into the action and try to write about it with the same excitement the whole experience was! But sometimes you just don’t get what you want so why not tell the story timewise instead;)

At the moment we are in Montana but don’t think that we left out Wyoming. Our 6th state felt like a priviliege to pass. Cowboys and indians is the thing around here and the mountains are as red as my own nose at the moment:) From a bicycles view that means hilly with loads of ups and downs. Not very big ones though but the legs had to work a good deal. We are still eating our nuts for snacks and tortillas/refried beans with rice for lunch and dinner. Strange that it still taste so good! Big thanks to KFC and Taco Bell for their yummy sauces that we put on top! We just have to have that little extra every day;) That’s how we roll!

The Highest peak in Wyoming said 9500 feet whcih felt a lot like lunchbreak to us. We had company with 2 guys from Israel (yes they ate hummus) and Kim from Australia. She also rides a KONA bike just like us so that made all three of us all happy at the top:) The downhill session after the top was so fast that we jump to next day.
Here we ended up in Saratoga, a town with 1000 people. Doesn’t sound that special but wait for it. If I tell you Hot Spring 110-125 degrees F?Microbrewery?NBA-Finals? Thats activities that at least makes us happy. The hot spring was all free and open 24/7! A dream for touring bicyclists! We stayed in the hot for a while and then went to the much colder river next by to cool off. That mix multiplied a couple of times and the SPA feeling was reached;) Legs was happy too=) We ended up talking with a bunsh of cool guys named “Marsch Fourth Marshing Band”. As I understood they do kind of circusacts and play music. We spoked mostly to a guy named Sid who does the stilts:) Long hair, tattoos, skinny and uggly swimming trunks, but still very funny:) He spoked warmly about his hometown Portland which is probarly the most bikefriendly town in the whole America. They even have nude races over there on bicycles….Sven?…..Sven??..ohhh…he is gone to Portland:)

Then a shower! Always a golden moment on the road! We had to look (and smell) clean for the microbrewery and NBA-finals. We a couple of different ones and had tacos while watching Miami whop some oklahoma ass! Nice! You’ll find a picture of the varieties we tried and as you can imagine the tent was a bit strugglish to pitch up afterwards:) The park was next door so that was lucky for us:) The fictive concrete beanie the day after was all wourth it! Great Beer!

A day like that needs good goals to keep it going. We set sail towards Lamont which is a cafe and a house….thats it….But the house is special and it’s live in is special too. LB has hosted bicyclists for many years and has a back end of a truck (trailer) and two Indian tents on her yard. Together with her 2 dogs and x number of cats she welcomed us to stay the night. The fridge was filled with milk, marshmallows and Ice cream. yet again the expression help yourself was used so we didn’t complain at all:) Slept in the trailer (in beds!) like two baby goats and kept on going the next day, now without any sign of concrete beanie:)

The road around here was really bad! You got stuck in deep lines in the road and had to imitate Ingemar Stenmark not to hit those holes. If you don’t know Ingemar, youtube him. Classic dude:) The landscape still was spectaculur with us passing ransh after ransh of cows and horses. And on top of that, the date June 6th appeared:) For you guys nothing but for us SuperVikingSwedes that means we celebrate our own flag. And we do that standardwise by dancing around a cross clothed on flowers with two circular things hanging. And the dance itself,,.,.,.we imitate frogs..,.with sounds and everything.,.nothing peculliar about that at all:) Patrik and me skipped that and jumped directly on to the best part of the day,FOOD! Or dessert more precisely. We had strawberries with whip cream and milk plus “swedish fish” candy we found in the grocery store (made in Canada haha). Patrik had the flag on his bike the whole day with pride:)

Another climb up yet again to 9000 feet and Grand Teton National Park welcomed us (little brother to yellowstone and lays around Jackson Lake just south of big brother). Lakes, forests, mountains and wildlife and nonetheless geysers filled our upcoming days. Partially the downhill section was beeing remade so trucks usually takes bicyclists that few miles due to hazardous roadconditions. But we came to late on the day so had to bear with the gravel. On with superman suit and bite the hard apple (yes it’s a swedish expression). We are awesome so made that too:)First day and night in yellowstone didn’t bring us any cool animals but spectaculur views and baby geysers. Lovely company though. A girl named Jamie joined us by the table where we had set up ourselves with pringles and local beer. I found Jamie (from Iowa) really unique and cool. She did her thing full out and inspired me a lot! If you read this Jamie, I am now in to fluth music during my moment:) haha…

Next day we mixed really easy and chilled cycling with exploring the park. The classic old faithful area was way to crowded for me and patrik so our spandex clothes felt even tighter. But that’s a “have to do” so struggled through american tourists with bad humour and japanese cameracrazy.,.,.well japaneses..=) Nothing personal guys:) haha..

We stumbled upon a moose family, saw 2 ospreys and som elks mixed with the geysers. In the end of the day we found this big whord of Bisons! How cool arent’t those?! we stood on a safe distance watching these enormous beasts. But suddenly some of them thoughts that crossing the road we stood on was a great idea. Safe distance turned into a couple of metres. Adrenaline rushed and it was AWESOME! Nothing to recommend though but great to be that close to massive and wild animals. We had great company that night to in campground and left yellowstone with great powers. No bear but we still have approx 80% of the park yet still to explore:) We will return!

The first town outside the boundries is West Yellowstone. Here we saw an interesting IMAX documentery about the history behind Yellowstone. About how chief Joseph discovered the land and about the natives around here. We like:)

So with that town we entered Montana and we spend last night in a bicyclists campground, making s’mors and garlic bread. And thoughts fly away rather often on continous bicycle adventures. It surely is a great way of transportation and the experience really gets to you when you are that close and smelling it! Approx 2 weeks left and then we will spot the pacific on the other side, SICK! Up to this point we have made 35oo miles and a broke the magic 50 miles per hour max speed the other day:)

I <3 travel .,., I <3 Life




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