About Airbourne

Airbourne to me is a lifestyle and not just another fancy logotype. Just breathing is to some people equal to beeing alive which I find far away from my own way of spending my days. When Im old and sit their in my rocking chair I want to look back onto accomplishment of something I really wanted out of my life. Traveling has become my way of directive to reach that future dream. I love it and spend all of my free time carrying bricks to build up the next adventure. Although I am a very positive person, I don’t want to spread a naive picture of myself. Bad days and decisions will always be around, its just about how we tackle them back where they came from. Develope and learn is my keys to success!

I grew up with sports and primary icehockey as my set goal. Sadly (or luckily), a knee injury spolied that future goal. That is what got me into

travelling and a few adventures later I am exactly where I want to be. I can’t thank you guys enough for always beeing with my and on my side, supporting my dream of Airbourne. Family, friends, coworkers and every new smile I meet THANK YOU! True inspiration comes from the heart.

Feel free to have a look around at my place. Its for inspriational purpose and a try to make the world a smaller place. I would be very happy if you reached out and contacted me! Questions, thoughts or just own ideas are all very welcome!

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